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Instructor Application

Full Time & Part Time Instructor Opportunities!

The Dooby Shop School of Cosmetology Instructor will serves as a model and source of inspiration for aspiring cosmetologists and natural hair stylists. The instructor educates and molds students' practical & theory knowledge & skills.


The following responsibilities and duties will be required of the cosmetology or natural hair instructor/teacher:

  • *Ensure students receive the proper mix of practical and theoretical instruction and that they spend the required hours covering each subject area.

  • *Provide hands-on, open and honest instruction with students

  • *Maintain student files, such as grades and attendance records. Send students' records or certificates to licensing authorities.

  • *Prepare for class, create lesson plans & presentation/teaching of curriculum.

  • *Ensure the curriculum that is being taught reflects current standards within the industry, i.e. preparation and research.

  • *Ensure safe and sanitary practices by both students and instructors when practicing cosmetology and related sciences.

  • *Attend mandatory scheduled meetings

  • *Project a professional image at all times to internal and external clients.


Hours for cosmetology teacher are Thursdays & Saturdays 9am-3pm and/or 9am-5pm

Must be available to work any time Thursdays & Saturdays for substitute instructor position.

We are requesting that candidates reside in Charlotte NC.


Application Form


Thanks for submitting! We will contact you within 24-48 hours!

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